• custom outboard motor paint Chips custom painting FL
  • custom outboard motor painting Chips Custom painting FL

We provide custom outboard motor painting at our facility located at the St. Lucie International Airport.

At Chip’s Custom Painting, we provide custom painting for your outboard motor. We will expertly match the motor to your craft’s paint to create a seamless look.

Often, manufacturers will only provide limited colors for their motors. At Chip’s, we give our customers the choice to match their motor to their craft, and can create any color combination to achieve this.


We work with local manufacturers to customize the color of their engines to their clients’ specifications.


Inspection: We will look for any evidence of damage or imperfections and they will be addressed in our customer proposal.

Prep: We will prep your outboard motor. We will strip the existing paint and sand it down to the original metal surface.

Primer Application: An epoxy corrosion protective primer is applied to the motor.

Top Coat Application: The primer coat is prepared and high gloss polyurethane paint is applied to the motor.

Contact us to learn more about our outboard motor painting service and for a complimentary quote.